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10 / 1000
International School Located in Cambodia
Takhmau, Kandal, Phnom Pen Cambodia - 15 Year(s)
Price $1000 @ 1 Unit
Profit Margin


Opening Date 2020/09/04 12:00:AM
Closing Date 2035/09/04 12:00:AM

Dear all friends and partners, I'd like to share everyone with the plan of building and start a school located in Phnom Pen or Krong Takhmau , Cambodia (KH). Nowadays, Schools in Cambodia starts growing too fast with good choice that I'm the leader of this project want all of you to have opportunity to earn with me for the Education in Cambodia. I've been working in many international School and I know how the Education in Cambodia growing fast for the last 5 years even during the Covid-19. I've seen that all the students in City, mostly their parents want them to join the international school with the good quality for their kids and approximately spent on the school fees around 3000$ - 10000$ per year. Moreover, they want the bilingal and also internation curriculums. At my vision, I'm also the one of Educator in Education Field ( MoEYS), I want Cambodia Education gowing faster and fasterĀ  and need all shareholder to join with this project for work. As you will see the if you all invest with us ( Minimum 1000$ in 1 unit), the benifit you will get is 10% of the profit that we earn after we start the schools ( Maybe 1 year after if all units are invested). Every year, I have surveyed with internation schools in Cambodia, they have earned profit until 6,000,000$ (6 Million Dollars) in a year, so when you invest with us you can calculate the interest (10%) that you will earn with us. To start a business with school is not easy but when you have chance, you can decide it. I'm sure we will go together with my ambition mission and vision. You will see the builing sample below:

Iveson Primary School - Watson Batty

Category: Education
Insurance: Yes

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